SEO VS PPC – Which Is Better?

    SEO VS PPC which is better

    SEO vs PPC is the most popular competition in the field of online marketing. Most people believe SEO is better for ranking and traffic. On the other hand, many believe PPC is better for faster results. So, SEO or PPC, which is better for you?

    This article shows all the key details, pros, and cons of SEO and PPC.

    SEO and PPC both play a very important role in today’s competitive world when it comes to traffic and revenue. 

    Search Engine Optimization 

    Search Engine Optimization is about increasing the ranking and traffic to a website organically. The ranking of a website or webpage is increased by optimizing the website with various strategies and techniques. 

    SEO has three key aspects namely On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, and Technical SEO. These three aspects are responsible for improving the ranking of a website in search engine result pages. SEO plays a very important role in the success and failure of any website and business. That is why one must know the value of organic SEO and also the battle of organic SEO vs PPC. 

    Why SEO matters? ( SEO vs PPC)

    What is the importance of SEO? This question is very good and interesting at the same time.

    The present era is all about online marketing and business. Any business, be it small or huge, has a website. 

    The website is your online address where people can find you and the services you provide. 

    How can people find you on the internet? Not everybody knows about you.  

    People use search engines in order to find information and services online. They type in certain keywords in the search engine bar to find something. And Google robots show the most appropriate results according to the various ranking factors.

    Right here SEO comes into the play. If your website is well optimized for SEO perspective then you will have better chances of ranking high. 

    Higher rankings mean more traffic. And higher traffic gets you more sales and conversions. The higher ranking comes only if you have optimized your website perfectly. That is why you can not ignore the importance of SEO. 

    SEO brings you organic rankings and traffic. All you have to do is use different tactics and strategies to rank higher. 

    SEO and Pay per click

    Technical SEO vs On-page vs Off-page 


    On-page or on-site SEO is about optimizing all the onsite features of your website or webpage. For example, URLs, Title tags, Meta description, Keywords, Content, etc. 

    It is the most important part of Search engine optimization. It is what shows Google on-site features of your website.

    Your URLs, title, meta, content quality, and keywords, all matters when it comes to ranking and traffic to your site. 

    If you have done on-page optimization the right way then you will see better CTR and traffic to your site. 


    Off-page or off-site SEO is about optimizing all the offline factors of your website. For example, building backlinks, creating social media awareness, review, comments, likes, etc. 

    Backlinks are very crucial for any website. Backlinks increase the domain authority of a website. The higher the DA score of your site, and the higher it will rank in search engines.  

    Social media is the platform where the majority of people spend a lot of time. Social media can bring better traffic to your site. 

    Technical SEO 

    Technical SEO is about fixing all the technical factors of your website that play a role in rankings. For example, redirects, finding broken links, page speed,  server issues, schema markups, submitting a sitemap, robots.txt file, etc. 

    It is also a Google ranking factor. If your page loads fast then it is a good user experience signal. 

    Pay Per Click 

    Pay Per Click (PPC) is about improving your visibility in top search engine pages by paid methods. You have to pay a certain amount of money for each time someone clicks on your paid page. 

    In other words, it is about paying for the traffic to your site. Search engine marketing is a part of PPC and the most popular form of paid advertisement.  

    How PPC works? 

    Google Adwords is the platform for the PPC campaign and advertisements. You can make ads on this platform that appears on the various platform of Google. The best example is the Google search engine. 

    You have to bid for certain keywords you want to rank for. The higher the bid you make the higher your webpage optimized for that content would appear in top pages. 

    Importance Of PPC

    PPC is beneficial for all those who want to get faster results. You have to bid on the right keywords in order to getter better results. 

    PPC advertise your brand and products super effectively. If you have just started a start-up or a new business then using PPC is perfect for you.  

    Because it can get your ranking and visibility in top Search engine result pages in no time. This will help you get more click-through rates and better traffic. 

    PPC campaign helps you target the audience more effectively and sharply. That is why PPC is important for getting quick results. 

    organic seo vs ppc

    Organic SEO VS PPC – (Pros and Cons)

    Organic Ranking 

    SEO helps you rank organically in search engine results. Organic ranking is very crucial in the long run. You stay at the top for a long time if you rank through SEO. 

    On the other hand, in PPC you rank high and get traffic by paying to rank high in search engine results. 

    Free CTR And Paid CTR

    You do not have to pay for each click when you rank high by doing SEO. On the other hand in PPC you have to pay a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on your page. 

    Moreover, people tend to click on organic results more than paid advertisements in search results. 

    In The Long Run

    SEO is better and useful in the long run. If you want to rank high for a long time then you can only achieve this by doing SEO. 

    In PPC, you rank in top pages as long as you are paying money. Therefore the ranking is temporary in PPC. 

    Budget Matters

    PPC is all about your budget. If you have money to pay for per clicks then it is good for you. However, SEO demands strategies and plans to rank in search results. 

    Anyone can rank high by optimizing their content the right way in SEO. But for PPC rankings, it is limited to those who can pay. 

    Fast Results 

    PPC helps you get faster results. If you are new in the business and want to show up in search engine results fast then go for PPC. 

    SEO does not give you the instant high ranking but it takes time to rank high in Google results. 

    SEO With PPC

    Nowadays, most people get the best of both worlds. They use PPC with organic SEO for getting better results. 

    The use of SEO and PPC at the same time is becoming a common technique that most businesses are using to stay in the competition. 

    You can use SEO to rank for the keywords and webpage that already have good page authority and traffic. And You can use PPC for new keywords or webpages that do not have that much traffic. 

    This is how you can utilize both of these to rank high and get better and faster results. It is not about SEO vs PPC and which one is better? But it is all which one gives you better results and more revenue. 


    Thus we can say that the battle between SEO and PPC is very competitive. Both have some merits and demerits. Both can get you good results in different conditions and contexts.

    So, what do you think about Organic SEO vs PPC and which is better? You can see the pros and cons of both of these. And you can use them according to your needs. 

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