How To Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

    Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

    Approximately 36.8% Websites are developed by WordPress worldwide which is well & good. If you are one of them who are using WordPress to make a beautiful website then definitely you are facing web pages loading issue. Well, This is not a WordPress fault it can be your fault. Which you are neglecting like you have been installed so many irrelevant plugins that make your website slow.

    So it is necessary to overcome your website loading speed because each visitor is important for your business. Whether they are coming for purchasing products and services or taking information from your niche website.

    This fact if your website speed too slow then definitely a visitor can skip your website and move to another website. Here we are present some point by which you can reduce page load time of wordpress website

    WordPress theme can also affect your loading speed

    To get an amazing feature like widget, sidebar, and slider on our website. We install a beautiful theme which makes definitely makes our website too slow. We forget while installing a theme on our website what a theme can impact your website. A high weight theme consumes much more your website database. And directly its impacts on your hosting server to respond slowly. So it would better if you optimize the WordPress theme or use a simple and light theme for your website. Some light themes are available in the market like Zakra, Astra, GeneratePress and many more which will not create an obstacle to website loading slower.

    Optimizes your beautiful images.

    Everyone prefers high-quality images that why we embed high-quality images on our website. We don’t want a visitor saw bad quality images on your website. You are right because you care of every visitor. if you are doing good one side then another side you reduce page load time WordPress website. So it will be good if you optimize your images like decreasing the size of images by using free online tools reduceimages ¬†imageoptimizer¬† and IrfanView. These tools undoubtedly optimize your website.

    What about your web hosting provider?

    If you forget your website hosting cannot harm your wordpress website loading speed then you are wrong. If you are using shared web hosting then the chances increase to website loading speed. In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted in a single server and resources are also distributed unequally to every user. So try to use VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting for your website.if you thousand of visitors are coming on your website per day.

    Speed up WordPress site plugin

    A Plugin is like the android app which improves the WordPress website performance via a plugin. It will be better if you using just using the required plugin which is so essential for your website but if you did just for unnecessary requirement then it will reduce page load time WordPress website. To overcome irrelevant plugins just uninstall all unnecessary plugin from your website. Some most amazing plugins which enhance our website loading speed are WP Fastest Cache, Cache Enabler, WP Super Cache and many more. We will discuss in the below section how some plugin can give us better results.

    Enable cache in your website

    There are many caching plugins that boost up our website performance. So the plugin is one of the effective ways to increase the speed of your site. caching plugin store the data of your website in your upcoming visitor. So that WordPress doesn’t have to generate data again like¬† HTML, JS and CSS code, images, fonts, and Flash files. It will give a better experience to every visitor and also it increases the emotional engagement with your website.

    Some most amazing plugin

    WP Super Cache

    WP Fastest Cache

    W3 Total Cache.

    Enable one of these plugins to increase your website performance. Surely these caching plugins will work better to deliver a better experience to your own visitor. But keep in mind, before installing a plugin in your WordPress website you should ask first your web hosting provider to prefer a particular for your site.


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