How to Get More Traffic On Your Website via Using Pinterest

    Increase your website traffic with pinterest

    Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites which is known for image sharing over the world. Here the people share informative images, health, quotes, memes and much more. Approximately 250 million people use Pinterest every month that is great to get traffic through Pinterest for your website. Apart from the youtube, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to your blog.

    If you are a newbie and just started a website and want to drive more traffic on your blog for the purpose of making money from Google Adsense. Then Pinterest will be a great option for newbie bloggers. Even if you are started a small business then you should also work on Pinterest definitely it will also give you a better result for your business. Here we deliver you some advance Pinterest strategy by which you scale up your traffic.

    Pinterest algorithm

    How to use Pinterest to drive traffic on your website.

    #1 Customize Your Bio Description

    Optimizing your bio description will be the most effective way to tell the audience what your account is about. Consider if your blog is about digital marketing then you should put that keyword in your bio section. So when some search your targeted keyword then the chances increase the visibility of your account.

    Keyword should like that

    Top Trend in digital marketing

    Digital marketing tips

    Digital marketing agency

    #2 Use creative images for a pin

    People will skip your pinned images if your image did not creative and informative images. Images should relevant and accomplish the requirement of what your audience wants. We are already aware of creative and informative images compel the audience to see images. And once the audience engages with your pins then you can get huge traffic from Pinterest.

    #3 Check the Pinterest analytics

    Once in a week or a regular basis, you have to analyze your Pinterest analytics that which you will easily understand how your pins are working. You can see impression, Engaged Audience, Total Audience. How many people are saved your pin, click the links, closeup and many more?. These stats will assist you to how you want to work on Pinterest to get a huge amount of traffic for your blog.

    #4 Use 3rd party images to your Pinterest account

    This is the best way to increase the monthly views on your account. You have to just save pins that relate your blog and then change the title and meta according to your audience. After changing title and description, you can add the Hashtags in your description which definitely influences your monthly views. The images which are you going to save from another account, remember that images have a background logo because that can be for your account. People easily recognize that images are made by you.

    #5 Hashtags In Your Pinterest Descriptions

    As we discussed above to insert the Hashtags in your description. Adding Hashtags in your description increases the visibility of your pins. Pinterest automatically suggests you when you start adding Hashtags with the description.

    #6 Target Keywords in your Board Names

    Board is a list of pins that you make for the targeted audience. While creating a board name you should insert the keyword that specifically your audience is searching, you use the buzz sumo paid tools to find the keyword which people are most searching on Pinterest. The keyword which you added in the bard name should be genuine. for example latest google updates, New SEO strategy and many more.

    #7 Make Your Font large

    Billions of people are browsing internet excess on their own mobile phones. so it is essential that your pin should be watchable for all Pinterest users. Serif font is the most popular font which is using in Pinterest images. So we will like to prefer a serif font for your Pinterest.

    #8 Use Quality images in your pins

    A quality image enhances the chance of engagement with your pin and directly improves the links clicks and an overall increase in Pinterest traffic for bloggers.

    #9 Regular updating

    Like different search engines have a different algorithm, Pinterest has own algorithm we call it “Smart feed”. According to this algorithm, Pinterest shows those pins first which is best for the user instead of new pins. So this is essential to every Pinterest user to update on a regular basis. This is also listed in the Pinterest traffic strategy

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