10 Best Ways To Write SEO Friendly Articles

    SEO friendly content

    We all know that everybody wants their article or blog post to rank higher in search engine result pages. For this what you need is SEO friendly articles and you must know how to write one. There are a lot of factors that affect your article. These factors determine the quality of your article and their rankings in SERPs. 

    When you start writing an article, you have two important things to pay attention- first, how to write for readers a quality article and second, how to make it SEO friendly. 

    10 Best Tips that help you to write SEO Friendly Articles.

    First Research the topic and think

    The first thing you should do is research and understand all the key aspects of that topic. Give yourself some time to think about it and make sure what is the main message that you want to give to your target audience. This will help you to write exactly what you want to give your audience and therefore you will not go off your central idea.

    Do Keyword Research Smartly

    Some people write their article first and then do keyword researching, which is wrong. The right way is thought to be doing keyword research first then writing your content such that you add keywords naturally in the content that it does not seem to be keyword stuffing.

    For smart keyword research, you can use tools like Google’s keyword planner or even go to google search page and write your target keyword in it then enter a space then you will find a more similar and relevant medium-tail and long-tail keywords.

    Construct a structure

    You should construct a structure of your article or blog post before start writing. For example divide your whole article into three parts respectively, the introductory part, the main body part, and the last conclusion. This is very important as you must know beforehand what you will add in the introduction and how you will use your body paragraphs and how you are going to end it. Making a structure helps you break down your article in parts and it helps readers to read your article more easily.

    How to write seo friendly article

    Making a good Title

    Your title should be up to point and you should create catchy and attractive titles and at the same time keep it relevant to your topic. Your article’s Title tells a user about your page more significantly. That is why you need to optimize your title tag for better SEO. Adding a keyword in your target is also an added advantage for your search engine rankings.

    Using headlines And Sub-headlines

    Headlines make your content easy to read for both the user and Googlebot. Headlines make a user understand your content better and shareable. Google crawler also able to understand your content better. Therefore you should use Headlines and sub headers for your article for better results.

    Using paragraphs

    Almost everybody uses paragraphs but one should know how to use them in the right way. Blogs’ paragraphs must contain a central idea or subject. You should create paragraphs logically and start a new paragraph with a new main idea. Also, you should keep your paragraph short whenever possible. Short paragraphs help the user to read the content better.

    Using Keywords in heading and content

    You should use your targeted keywords in heading and content wisely. The targeted keywords are considered to be better at the beginning of your heading. And you should add them in around the first two hundred words of your article. You should smartly add keywords in your content and try not to overdo it. This is also a very good factor for SEO friendly article.

    SEO friendly Articles

    Using Images in your article

    Your article should have some good related images to your content. Attractive images make a reader stay even longer and this helps to make sure that they read your article from start to end.

    Images make your content fascinating and that is why you should optimize your images by using Alt tags and adding a description of your image. You can also compress your images without compromising the quality as it improves the page loading speed of your site. Images are also a prominent part of SEO friendly articles.

    Length of your article 

    Before start writing, you should know your article’s word limit because that helps you structure your article. Good length for an article could be between 500 words to 5000 words. However, it depends on the quality of your content that a user reads your article and not go away. Nowadays even long articles rank better because they cover all the aspects of a particular topic that makes it useful for any reader.

    Avoid keyword stuffing

    While writing your article you must avoid keyword stuffing in your content. Content full of keywords does not leave a good impression on the user and it also is not good for search engine rankings. With Google’s new updates, Keyword stuffing could easily be identified and it is not good for your rankings in search engines.


    Thus, we can see that a lot of factors determine whether your article is SEO friendly or not. Before start writing an article or blog, you must take these points into consideration to make your content SEO friendly for users as well as crawlers. At the end of the day, your main goal is to provide users something useful and relevant and if Google finds your work to be relevant they will rank you higher. That’s how you can write an SEO friendly article that catapults your website organic traffic and so do leads and revenue.

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