Google Ranking Factors For SEO

    Google Ranking Factors for seo

    Everybody wants to rank higher in Google search engine result pages but with stiff competition and Google’s various new updates, the game has changed totally. There are a lot of Google ranking factors for SEO that play a major role when it comes to ranking a web page in search engines. What you should do to rank higher in search engines like Google is a common question that is always running on the beginner’s mind. You must have good knowledge of important factors that could be big or small, which boost your website ranking.

    Some of the most important Google ranking factors for SEO in 2020 


    The length of Urls matters for ranking and research has shown that short URLs tend to rank more than long URLs and adding a keyword in URL also plays a factor.

    2.Attractive Heading:

    Catchy headings get people’s attention fast and that is why you should make sure that your heading is attractive and at the same time relevant to your topic.

    3.Meta description:

    The good meta description can increase Click Through Rate which could boost your google ranking.

    4.Quality Content:

    Quality content can increase your search engine ranking significantly and if you do not make quality content then you could face Google penalties.

    5.Keyword Density:

    It plays a very good role in google rankings and your keyword density should be between one to three percent. However, you can not go for keyword stuffing.


    Uploading sitemaps on your site helps Google to index your pages properly.

    7.Robot.txt files:

    Use robot.txt files if you do not want Google to crawl some of your pages that might not be better for ranking factors.

    8.Alt tags for images:

    Using Alt tags for images helps google crawlers to identify the correct image and adding image description is also very important. For example, if you upload an image of a boy playing, then you can write in your image description as “ an image of a playing boy”.

    9.Schema and rich snippets:

    Using schema markup and rich snippets help Google and users to understand your site better. It can increase your click-through rate.

    10.keyword stuffing:

    It does not work nowadays. Back in time, it worked but presently with Google’s various updates, keyword stuffing does not work anymore and Google can even penalize for it.

    11. Keyword in H1: 

    Putting a keyword in your H1 tag is considered a good ranking signal.

    12.Unlimited Adds and Pop-ups:

    Disturbing add pop-ups is a signal for bad user experience and Google might even penalize such sites for this.

    13.Google Fred:

     It is a Google algorithm that targets low-quality content and various black hat-tactics.

    14.Page speed:

    Page loading speed matters and users tend to go away if your page takes ages to load. Work on page speed is a must for better traffic on your site.

    15.Backlinks as Google ranking factor for SEO:

    Creating quality backlinks can boost your search engine rankings as well as increase your DA and PA score. Backlinks are one of the most important factors of Off-page SEO and search engine rankings.

    16: Low-Quality Links:

    These kinds of spammy or toxic links can affect your ranking and site credibility. That is why you should always avoid low quality links.

    17. Links From The Unrelated Website:

    If you create links from websites that do not come under your niche then it does not help to increase your google ranking. Links from related sites help search engine ranking and domain authority.

    18.Temporary Link Tactics:

     People create spammy links and soon remove them to avoid Google penalties.

    19. Using Widgets for Links:

    Google puts Peanlities on site that uses widgets for auto-generated links. This kind of tactic you should not use if you want good SEO for your website.

    major Google Ranking Factors


    It is google’s AI algorithm and its main purpose is to understand user interaction with search engine results and accordingly rank the pages and sites.

    21.Organic CTR for a Certain Keyword: 

    They can boost your search engine result page ranking and help for better SEO. That is why you can ignore this factor.

    22.Decrease Bounce Rate:

    High bounce can well affect your search engine rankings and you can decrease it by putting main content at the front so that any user can easily get what one is looking for. Get rid of pop-ups as they are one of the factors of high bounce rates.

    23. No. of Comments:

    If your site has a good list of comments it can boost your ranking.

    24. Dwell time:

    It is important how long a user stays on your site or webpage. Google algorithm takes this factor into consideration for ranking.

    25.Anchor Text: 

    Related and keyword-rich anchor text do play a role in google search rankings.

    26.Links From .edu or govt Sites:

    Links from educational sites and govt sites help in search engine rankings and many consider it a good factor for DA of your site.

    27.DA Of Linking Site:

    The higher the domain authority of a site linking to you the more the chances increase of your google ranking.

    28. Links From Different Sources: 

    It is believed that links from different sources help improve search engine ranking and DA score. And it is also a prominent Google ranking factor for SEO.

    29.User Reviews:

    Google sees user reviews as a signal for ranking and the more reviews you have on your site the more it affects your Google ranking.

    30.Use of Google Tools: 

    Using tools like Google Analytics and Google search console help improve your page’s indexing. However, Google denies it as a ranking signal. Utilizing these Google tools is a very important Google ranking factor for SEO.

    31.Responsive Design:

    If your site is suitable for desktop, mobile or tablets, It helps increase traffic and good user experience. That is why your site should be structured for all the devices.

    32. Use of Breadcrumbs:

    Breadcrumbs on your site help a user to know where they are on your site and how they can navigate to other pages easily.

    33. SSL Certificate: 

    The use of HTTPs is seen as a good ranking signal by Google algorithms.

    34. Structure of the site: 

    The structure of your site helps Google to crawl and index your site’s pages correctly.

    35. Contact us page:

    If you provide all the contacting information clearly the more Google algorithms see it as a good ranking signal in search engine ranking.

    36.DA For Search Engine Ranking: 

    The domain authority of your site implies that your site and its pages are reliable and valuable. The higher your DA score is the more it helps your ranking in search engines ranking.

    importance Google Ranking Factors for SEO

    37: Broken Links:

    If you have a lot of pages with a 404 error then it can affect your ranking significantly. Therefore, you would like to find all the dead links and fix them.

    38. Internal Linking:

    Internal linking also is a very important ranking signal. The better you make your internal linking the better it makes for Google and users to explore your site.

    39: Page Updates:

    The more frequently you update your webpages the more it impacts your website’s ranking in search engine results. It all depends on whether you update your site weekly or monthly or annually. Updating the website’s webpages is a good Google ranking factor for SEO.

    40. Image Optimization:

    It is a good ranking signal and the better you optimize your images the better it is for your google ranking. You can use alt text, file name, and description for optimizing your images.

    41.Use of Canonical Tags:

    If you have two identical or duplicate pages on your site then you should use the canonical tag to help Googlebot to crawl the original version of your page.

    42. Hummingbird Update:

     With Google’s this update now it can understand the topic of a webpage more efficiently.

    43. Use AMP:

     The use of Accelerated mobile pages also is a good google ranking signal. This helps your website’s working efficiently on desktop as well as mobile. 

    44. LSI Keywords for Google ranking factors:

    Use of Latent Semantic Indexing or related keywords helps Google to understand your content better.

    45. Content-Length:

    The length of your content could be one thousand words or even five thousand words but what matters is how well you cover all aspects of a topic. It is a good search engine ranking factor.


    These are the most important Google ranking factors for SEO that affect your ranking and visibility in SERPs. If you implement them while doing your SEO then they can improve your rankings in search engines significantly. 

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