Effective Remarketing Campaign In PPC

    Most Effective RE-MARKETING Campaign In google adverds

    PPC means Pay Per Click, and it is a form of online advertising. You write an advert, someone else hosts it on their website or search engine, and you pay them when it is clicked by a consumer. PPC may be used for a lot of things such as improving online public relations, building a brand, or direct selling. It may also be used to remarket a product, service or company, and here is how.

    Remarketing means removing one idea and replacing it with another

    That is the premise of remarketing, where you use some form of influence in order to remove an idea about your product or service and replace it with another. To do this you need to educate your consumer (either overtly or gently), and PPC offers you a platform to do so.

    How PPC Help?

    You may use PPC to show off your new logo or tell people about a sudden development in your business. Big businesses have had to remarket themselves as they have evolved over time. McDonald’s is a classic case. As they have had to remarket themselves after each crisis.

    They used to run some very cruel slaughterhouses until the media got a hold of the story. They decided to clean up their image by improving conditions at their slaughterhouses. And if PPC had been around at the time then they could have told people about it via their adverts.

    Remarketing via evolution

    A product cycle works the same way almost every time. It slowly goes up, reaches its peak and then starts to descend. Every product tries its best to stay near the top of the hypothetical product lifetime graph for as long as possible. And one way to do it is through remarketing via evolution.

    Effective Remarketing Campaign

    Pepsi is a nice example of this because all you have to do is look at their many, many logos changes over the years And their many advert slants from the classic Pepsi challenge to the “What happened to my cola?” advert. They have always had the same product (unlike coca-cola) and they have always tried for the same market segment (younger people). But their marketing has evolved over time in order to accommodate their remarketing efforts.

    How PPC Help?

    If you were to take the Pepsi example, you could use affiliate advertising to show off your newest logo. You could even do what they did and start advertising on extreme sports websites in order to appeal to the younger demographic. During the “New Coke” years, they could have passed around their “What happened to my cola?” message via affiliate advertising. People may have been interested enough to simply click an advert that said that and nothing more.

    Blanket Media Coverage Remarketing

    This is where you simply make it clear that you have a new marketing strategy. And you go to great lengths to make sure everybody knows about it. You blanket the various advertising platforms with your marketing message so that as many people as possible will see it.

    How PPC Help

    PPC is a form of affiliate advertising and so is an advertising platform. It is one of the platforms you can use in conjunction with numerous others in order to get your message out there. You may invest in different affiliate advertising companies, just so long as you do not repeat the same adverts with different companies. Your adverts may then appear on affiliate websites and on search engines, and even on social media networks.

    Effective Remarketing Campaign In PPC

    Switching Perceptions as a means of Remarketing

    Perceptions of a situation or a brand may change over time, and you may have to remarket your brand in order to align with public perception. The easiest examples of this idea are often negative ones. For example, in the 1970s it is seen as a good thing that children spend time with priests, as they are supposed to set a good example for young people. Now, only severely bad parents would leave their children alone with priests, in the same way. That bad parent would not leave their children in a pond with lazy alligators in.

    Let’s say that your brand has taken on a rather homosexual or metrosexual tint that you would like to shed. Because it alienates your core consumer, you may use PPC to help you. It may display your newly reengineered logo. And may hold videos and images that put a rather more masculine edge to your product. You may even use PPC to run your manly adverts in a way that the Yorkie chocolate people tried to do.

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