5 Most Effective Advanced SEO Techniques You Definitely Try

    Effective seo techniques

    SEO is about increasing your rankings in search engines. Higher ranking increases traffic to your site and that leads to more conversions. You must be aware of some advanced SEO techniques for higher ranking and traffic to your site that ultimately leads to more conversion.

    These advanced SEO strategies are auditing your site, deep internal linking, structured data markup, using infographics, and updating your old content.

    best Seo techniques

    5 Advance SEO Techniques You Must Use

    Deep Internal Linking

    Internal linking is using anchor text in your blog/article to link other relevant and related blogs. This helps Google to see your content in a structured and organized way. 

    If you have done good deep internal linking on your website then it makes it easier for Google to index your pages more conveniently. 

    Internal linking also helps to decrease the bounce rate and improves the page authority of your website.

    When you produce new and fresh content on a regular basis then it helps to boost your page authority score. That is why you can not overlook deep internal linking as it affects your sites’ SEO.

    Update Old Content 

    Updating your old content is also an effective SEO technique for better performance and results of your site.

    You can check your top old article or blog and make certain improvements to them. For example, you can improve the title, headline, meta description, etc.

    You can update facts and data of that blog or article and make it still readable and relevant. You can add some notable mentions.

    And last you should update all the images of that post. This will add new life to that article and make it bring new traffic again.

    Advanced Seo techniques

    Schema Mark-up

    Schema markup is a code that you add to your website’s HTML that helps google to show users more information about your site.

    You can set up schema mark-up by using the tool Structured data Markup Tool. These rich snippets, star ratings, and FAQ structured data help users and Google to understand your site better and it gives them more information about what you stand for.

    By using schema markup you will be able to get a higher click-through rate and more traffic to your site. This is one of the most advanced SEO techniques that could be effective for your site.

    Audit your website

    You should audit your site to analyze the overall performance of your website. It will help you know what is working and what is not working for your site. 

    SEO auditing of your site will help you set new goals for your site and things to work on. You can optimize your title, meta description, and keywords on your website. You can use alt tags to all your images and improve the page loading speed of your site.

    By auditing your site you can find all the loopholes and fix them properly to higher rankings and better traffic to the site. This strong SEO technique can improve your site’s overall performance.

    Use Infographics 

    Infographics are a very effective method and technique to increase traffic to your site free. You can create attractive and informative infographics by using tools like Canva.

    While creating an infographic you must focus more quality information rather than design. People come for information and facts.

    Infographics make complex article into simple. It is very effective and useful for all the visual learners. And many studies say that people tend to understand and learn visual things easier and faster.

    That is why you should use this effective SEO technique to boost traffic to your website.


    So you just learned 5 most advanced SEO techniques for higher ranking, more visibility, better traffic, and good revenue. By implementing these effective SEO techniques you can improve the performance of your site in search engine rankings.

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