About Us

SEO School Delhi (SSD) is one of the most sought after institutes in Delhi providing expert training for search engine optimization and various other in-demand subjects of online marketing. SSD is known for its practical training classes for SEO, that unlike any other institutes put more focus on practical aspects of training. We adopt this methodology because we believe that online marketing is not something that can be taught like a parrot, it needs experience of working with the live projects. Here at SSD, we train candidates on actual websites, they do things themselves to get a better idea of how things actually work.

Online marketing is growing like never before. Companies are using the online mediums to promote their products, services and information to the global audience. In this process, companies require help from the expert professionals to manage and maintain their marketing strategies. As a result, the demand of expert professionals is increasing every day.

Many institutes came in the market to provide education in internet marketing. But they all concentrate only on the theory aspects with negligible sessions for practical classes. This way, even when the course is complete with a certification, candidates fail to get real jobs in the industry. The reason is obvious, they have no practical skills of doing things. This is where we bring the real difference, our students are expert enough to get jobs on their own. However, we are always with them with our 100% placement assistance.

We assign assign every candidate a dedicated website to work on. They work on the live projects. Not just that, we guide them with the concepts before asking them to do things themselves. In short, we prepare them for the best. This is what makes us different from rest of us in the industry.

We offer courses for SEM, SMO, and SEO training. Duration for the courses varies with the comprehensiveness. It usually is three months. Placement assistance is given to the students after the completion of the course. Why not be a specialist in online marketing ? Apply for admission today.